Monday, March 9, 2009

The facts about children’s play

I now need to explain what play is and why it's so important to the development of young children.

1. What play is.

• A way of life for children.
• Children’s natural response.
• What children do.
• Serious business to children.
• A window to a child’s world.
• It is never ending.

2. The characteristics of play

• Pleasurable and enjoyable
• No extrinsic goals, but focuses on the process.
• Spontaneous and voluntary
• Free from externally imposed rules.
• Active engagement of the child.
• Make-believe.

3. Play incorporated with Physical Development.

The Physical Development used during play includes active use of body, repetition/ practice, and challenge these:

• Release energy
• Build fine and gross motor skills
• Gain control over body
• Refine body function and coordination
• Have experience of health and fitness
• Develop self awareness

4. Play incorporated with Social- Emotional Development.

The Social- Emotional Development used during play includes feelings that are enjoyable, freedom from external rules, and intrinsic motivation these:

• Develop self confidence
• Resolve stresses and gain control over emotions
• Learn social roles
• Learn responsibilities and rules in a group
• Develop social skill and social competence

4. Play incorporated with Cognitive Development

The Cognitive Development used during play includes a child’s abilities at exploring, representation, non-literally these:

• Acquire knowledge and skills
• Develop concept formations
• Learn communication skills
• Understand different perspectives
• Develop thinking skills, flexibility taking different approaches
• creative thought which leads into problem solving

Bae-Suh, Soyoun (2007).Children's Play.

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