Thursday, March 5, 2009

About Me

Hello! I’m Melisa and am currently a senior at Rowan University. My major is Early Childhood Education with a dual major in Writing Arts. I’m currently enrolled in a writing class, Writing, Research, and Technology, where I’ve learned about and created this blog .I’m finished all of my education classes and will be student teaching in the fall. I currently work as a teaching assistant at a local daycare.As an Early Childhood Education major I’ve learned that dramatic play is an important part of learning for young children. It’s a very critical part of their growth and development.

I want to learn more about this topic and as a future educator of young children I will need to understand the importance of play and incorporate it in my classroom. I’ve decided to research this topic and share what I’ve learned both in school and at work. I hope that this blog will reach out to any other education students, teachers, and parents, who want the best for young children.

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